The key potential of scent marketing for a brand is the lasting association of a scent with a certain event or environment. Evoking a positive sensory experience with your brand can give your product or service an edge in a sea of consumer choices.

Fragrance has the power to:

* Evoke emotion
* Enhance mood
* Influence changes in behaviour
* Trigger memory
* Increase alertness
* Reduce anxiety
* Communicate your brand image
* Enhance staff morale and productivity
* Counter malodour

Fragrance & Scent Marketing

By creating an environment that appeals to our sense of smell, fragrance allows businesses to connect with their guests on an emotional level in a powerful yet subtle way.

It enhances your brand image and influences the way your customers behave while creating a positive memorable experience, encouraging loyalty to your brand.

The sense of smell is the only sense directly connected to the brain centre for memory and emotion. Scientific research confirms scent influences our behaviour and opinions on both conscious and subconscious levels.

In a retail environment it will increase browsing time, while by using low or high arousal ingredients in its make-up, can also alter your mood to be relaxing or invigorating.