International brands and businesses are taking part in the fragrance industry by creating signature scents to enhance their brand, indulge the senses, engage emotions and delight the customer.

Consumers never seem to tire of fragrances. Both men and women love to use fragrance as part of their everyday grooming routines. Perfume is also a desirable gift. As a result, it seems virtually every celebrity has released a fragrance bearing his or her name. Even a select few car manufacture brands have put their “signature” onto fragrances.

Arrero Custom Car Air Fresheners is delighted to offer you the opportunity to create your own signature car scent. Why not let us create a stylish fragrance that will be associated with your brand in a positive way.  Minimum order for your own signature car scent is 10,000 units.

On orders between 500 and 5,000 we offer two options.

Option 1 : Standard Scent

- Arrero Cologne [Men’s Cologne type]

Option 2 : Alternative Scent

- Once off R0.99 each excluding vat [choice of 100 scents]


Scent Swatch [pdf] download